Dr. Rabi Alam is an internal medicine specialist in Glendale, CA. He received his medical degree from Chittagong Medical College and has been in practice more then 20 years. 


Rabi Alam, MD


Mr. John Shaikh is a business entrepreneur and has been doing business in multiple countries since 1985

Vice President, Business and Finance

John Shaikh


Dr. Aboo Nasar, MD. MPH. MBA  Board Certified Internal Medicine, Geriatrics & American board of integrative and holistic medicine, Anti-aging medicine.

President and Co-Founder of Senior Medical Associates

President of World Academy, Medical Director of Lifehouse Vista, Medical Director for Emeritus Carmel Valley, Medical Director of Healthy Living

Board of Director for San Diego Independent ACO Scientific and Social Secretary for Bangladesh

Vice President, Education & Health

Aboo Nasar, MD


Dr. Fahima Molly Nasar Nasar graduated from the Mymensingh Medical College in 2005. her medical specialization is Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation - Spinal Cord Injury Medicine

Women's Empowerment Committee

Fahima Molly Nasar, MD

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Dr. Mahmuda Alam is an Internal Medicine Specialist

Women's Empowerment Committee

Mahmuda A Alam, MD

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Mrs. Mahbuba Reza is an Certified Public Accountant at JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Women's Empowerment Committe

Mahbuba A Reza, CPA

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Women's Empowerment Committee

Sapina Quayum

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Mohammad Kamruzzaman

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Riaz Chowdhury, MD