Mission Statement

The MISSION of the United States- Bangladesh Friendship Group is to strengthen the bonds of friendship between our two countries. A much friendlier form of diplomacy and when the chips are down there is a reservoir of goodwill to draw upon. We will achieve these stronger ties by the creation of Friendship Clubs, both in the United States and in  Bangladesh. These Friendship Clubs are interphasing on projects and other efforts (much like "Sister Cities") and their communication and interactions will involve "Counter Radicalism" and "Counter Terrorism" components. Though Bangladesh is the least likely, of the southeast Asia countries to spawn terrorist activities. This is a good preventative program with many positive aspects as we  implement our health, education and energy projects.


One of our main goals as we conduct our various activities is the empowerment of women, in both countries. As such,  we have created a "Women's Empowerment Committee, which recently oversaw our facilitating the delivery of $3.7 m of Medical Supplies and Equipment to the Rohingya Camps in Bangladesh.


Another aspect of our organization's mission is to coordinate our programs with the Congressional Bangladesh Caucus in the United States House of Representatives to further strengthen the relationships and interactions and improve communications. We would further seek their advice and assistance and provide information to the Caucus to further improve the areas of trade and commerce.